USB flash drive | capacity 2Gb

USB flash drive for storage data, photos, games and music stored on memory expansion cards between mobile phones, computers, laptops, cameras, PDAs and other devices.
this Kingston FCR-ML+SD/2GB USB flash drive, designed with a USB connector and memory expansion slots that take nine different types of SD and MMC Flash memory cards, MobileLite lets users carry a single device to store, transfer or read data on any USB host device while using a variety of Flash cards for mobile phones, digital cameras and other devices. Ideal for personal or professional use, MobileLite is an essential part of your mobile gear its ultra-portable, plug and play and requires no external power source. MobileLite requires no additional card adapters and uses both of its sides as expansion slots. The slot on side A supports SD/SDHC, MMC, MMCmobile, RS MMC and MMCplus card formats.
The slots on side B support microSD/microSDHC, MMCmicro and miniSD/miniSDHC card formats. When in use, MobileLite appears as three drive letters (i.e. G:\, H:\, I:\) and data transfer is as simple as drag and drop. On the road, the MobileLite Reader uses the storage capacity of your preferred card, and allows you to easily connect to the content you want when using it at a business center or Internet café computer.

USB flash drive | 2Gb

USB flash drive 2 GB,
A-DATA 2GB PD30 Nobility Series, usb flash drives Design with built in swivel cover type, users now don't need to worry about missing the cap after use, because it is always there! A-DATA my flash PD30 has a unique swirl 360 degree feature that makes the flash disk easy to carry and never be worried about losing the cap. This protects the drive head and files from damage.
Features this usb flash drive:
Support USB specification version 2.0.
LED indicator when device is in use.
No external power is required
Dimension£º58.9 * 19.02 * 13.83mm(L*W*H)

san disk flash drive

Flash drive / flash disk From SanDisk 1 Giga Bytes Cruzer Mini USB Flash Drive is the fastest and easiest way to move your data. Unlike floppy disks and other removable media, Cruzer Mini offers higher storage capacities, faster data transfer rates, and better file security, all in a device no bigger than a pack of gum. The Flash drive Cruzer Mini is Hi-speed USB 2.0 certified for fast data transfer and compatible with USB 1.1.
Two extra color caps and a neckstrap are included. The thin design does not obstruct the dual-stacked USB ports found on most computers and the Flash disk Cruzer Mini comes with an advanced file security application (CruzerLock) that encrypts your individual files, keeping them safe and secure from prying eyes.
Transfer or store all data, pictures, music and more on this pocket-sized device, and then easily transfer files between your laptop and desktop or your home PC. more